Truck Accident Attorney, Houston Texas, Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Attorney, Houston Texas, Truck Accident Lawyer

I've been asked to speak about improper loading or stacking of the cargo. This is a problem that is--happens quite a bit. There are various kids of loads. There are pipes, there are boxes, containers, fluids, so obviously in each given instance of what the load is you have to look at was it improperly loaded or maintained or latched, lashed down. Load issues can actually be dangerous for the trucker as well. There was a trucker out in California recently killed because he had to stop and the load shifted and came right through the cab and killed him. So, so it--what you need to understand here when a load issue is a cause of an accident, it's not just the trucker and the truck company, but it's the loading company who loaded this that also could be sued and should be sued.

So you have more defendants to understand so the jury can assess the fault where it lies. But loading and improper loading causes many different accidents. For instance, a trucker when he's turning, it shifts, causes truck accident lawyer houston to turn over and lands on somebody. This is oftentimes and accident. Improper lashing down of loads can cause you losing a load. We've all seen on the interstate where when you're driving along all of the sudden, you know, something is right there and it causes an accident.

That's the fault of the trucker and the truck company and the loading company. So improper loading is, is quite an extensive--causes quite of an extensive array of accidents. And your truck accident lawyer needs to understand this and assess the situation properly. Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. Truck Accident Attorneys at Law Call Toll Free 1-800-773-6770

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